Multi Electric-Vehicle
fast charging station


Cost Efficient

Optimised total cost of infrastructure with quick payback.



Adapt to available grid power and electrify additional parking spaces.



Dynamic planning of charging sessions from mobility and energy data.

Chargepoly is exhibiting at CES Las Vegas from 5 to 8 January 2022, within the French Tech delegation (Eureka Park Booth N°60633). We will present our innovative Multi EV fast charging station that has received the CES® 2022 Innovation Award in Vehicle Intelligence & Transportation category, one the most prestigious recognitions in the world.


Each station is composed of one Power Unit or more, and several User Units. The composition depends on each specific use case.
The architecture of the station is designed and patented by CHARGEPOLY in partnership with Institut VEDECOM.

User unit

The User Unit is a standard connection module between the station and the EV, it is the charging point. The station includes a plurality of User Units making it easy for EV drivers to plug and go.

Each User Unit is safe, friendly, silent with small footprint, maintenance free and easy to install.


Power unit

The Power Unit includes different chargers and is a standard and modular DC power production element. Each charger charges one EV at the same time with the nominal capcity of 25, 50 or 75kW.

Remote from the User Units, the Power Unit controls the operating system and communicates with the backend.


Use cases

Depending on the specific needs of the fleet, a dynamic load planning is computed so that the station charges at high power each EV following the priority sequences, instead of load balancing which downgrades fast charging service at peak periods.
CHARGEPOLY’s algorithms optimise utilisation rate of the assets and ensure a high service level.


Fleet specific parameters, such as rotations, EV range, un/loading times, and breaks… are to be considered when it comes to charging EVs.
CHARGEPOLY’s solutions are conceived to optimise hardware costs and to increase availability rates for fleet managers.

Icon-scale MALLS

Parking time in malls and urban car parks vary between 30 minutes and 2 hours. These locations are very adequate for fast charging especially for citizens who do not have any proprietary parking. CHARGEPOLY station offers maximum electrified spaces for the satisfaction of urgent needs as well as less priority charging.


We offer best in class technological systems including our own innovations for multi-EV fast charging.
From feasibility study to operations supervision including commissioning of our stations, we accompany our customers to implement an optimised electrification project.


We design our charging stations by considering currents and future needs of our customers, whose specific data allow us to define charging speed, number of charging points, total installed power… As a result a we offer a tailor made combination of Power Units and User Units.

Icon-scale QUALITY

Our mission is total satisfaction of our clients. Safety, reliability, availability and the costs of our solutions provide our stations with the requested quality. We have partnered with selected and recognised industrialists and control our products all along their development.


We compose our solutions with standard and modular components to adjust costs. The overall optimisation of operating times and utilisation rates of each station are the key advantages of our solution for a better payback.

Icon-scale Services

We start up our charging stations on customer’s sites and handover after training of the operating team. We offer support to operations and maintenance and guarantee our equipment for two years.


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