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Chargepoly has designed and developed the highest-performing charging infrastructure for medium and heavy-duty vehicles. Chargepoly combines smart architecture, advanced technologies, and best-in-class components.

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HP Power Unit


• High-performance: constant, high-power distribution with 5+ hours of charging without derating.

Efficient: optimal energy distribution with an energy factor above 96% and a power factor above 0.99.

Modular: easily scale and adapt your charging infrastructure with the ability to add 30kW blocks up to 240kW per Power Unit.

Sturdy: built with galvanized steel and internally protected components for optimal performance in any climate.

Multiple sensors: multiple sensors check and take external and situational factors into account when charging.

HDT Satellite

Compact and robust charging satellite

Powerful: up to 400 kW charging.

Compact: small footprint (18 in x 20 in).

Robust: stainless steel enclosure makes unit corrosion-resistant

Ergonomic: cable length up to 30ft.

HDT Compact Satellite

Ultra-compact and versatile charging satellite

Powerful: Up to 400 kW charging.

Ultra-compact: 31 in x 12 in x 8 in.

Sturdy: Stainless steel enclosure makes the unit corrosion-resistant.

Multipurpose: Suitable for wall or suspended installation.

Charging station




Connect, Intelligent and
connected software

Smart: dynamic power management based on customizable algorithms
Safe: Secure, local control and management of shutdowns, connection losses, etc.)
Innovative: advanced communication features with leading OEMs
Open: interoperability with third-party systems including OCPP supervision, telematics, TMS, SAE, and EMS.

Future-proof : lifetime firmware updates including vehicle compatibility and protocol evolution.

Our optimization platform Lucie

Take full control of your operations and boost your competitiveness with Lucie, our fleet optimization hub and charger management system.

Why Chargepoly ?

Our station is...


Robust design with constant monitoring provides predictive maintenance.


Modular addition of power and charging points easily accommodate future fleet expansion.


Energy-efficient design minimizes energy usage and cost.


Advanced communication features with leading heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers (OEMs).


Chargers deliver continuous power and were designed specifically for high-capacity batteries in medium and heavy-duty trucks.


Distributed architecture provides seamless on-site integration and full power availability on each dispenser.

We take quality and reliability seriously.


We carefully select top-market components and integrate them with our technological framework to deliver high-quality solutions.


Everything is developed and purpose-built in-house. Our R&D efforts have already led to 12 patents.


We rely on top industrial partners while ensuring quality processes and compliance with certifications and market standards.

Local Supply

We have our products assembled as close as possible to where they are sold to reduce lead times and ensure efficient after-sales service.

Chargepoly specializes in EV fleet charging infrastructure.

Light commercial vehicles / Carriers / Tractor

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