Lucie platform

Optimize your EV fleet, charging, and maintenance our intelligent management software.

Meet Lucie
The charging optimization hub

Experience the charging optimization hub that intelligently oversees, orchestrates, and optimizes your electric fleet charging. Informed by millions of data points and powered by intelligent algorithms, Lucie is able to deliver the lowest cost per mile.

Manage your charging
and get peace of mind


your charging activity

Access real-time insights from your EV charging infrastructure.
Visualize data for all your sites and get detailed reports on energy usage and charger utilization.

performance of your chargers

Simplify your operations with advanced diagnostics and remote actions. Avoid unplanned downtime with our predictive maintenance. Stay informed of critical events with real-time alerts.

your charging service

Control access rules and modes with great flexibility. Customize charging priority rules according to your fleet’s specific needs.

Choose the service modules
that fit your needs


Ensure flawless management of your electric fleet

• Provide a tailored transport plan for your electric fleet.

• Manage priorities and SOC instructions through vehicle identification.

• Connect your tools for dynamic transport plan updates.

• Visualize information about your vehicles or fleet.

• Track energy efficiency and mileage data with a telematics interface.

• Monitor battery degradation over time.


Achieve the lowest
cost per mile

• Time of day energy planning to prioritize consumption during off-peak hours and manage demand charges.
• Manage behind the meter energy resources in conjunction with EV charging.


Boost your revenue from

• Set applicable rates by kWh or time at the charger with flexible access terms.

• Book charging slots in advance.

• Receive alerts when charging completes or reaches a certain charge level.

• Enjoy interoperability with leading mobility operators.


Lucie can communicate with all charging stations on the market using the OCPP protocol, allowing you to manage all your infrastructures with a single platform.

We support your long-term competitiveness

With our technological expertise spanning from the vehicle to the electrical grid, our platform continuously evolves along with the market – Vehicle-2-grid, grid services, storage, and advanced energy management.
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Chargepoly specializes in EV fleet charging infrastructure.

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