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Discover a pioneer in high-capacity battery recharging technologies

Who is Chargepoly ?

Chargepoly is an international technology and engineering company specializing in high-capacity battery charging for medium and heavy-duty vehicles.

Chargepoly has optimized both the hardware and software needed to deliver a superior solution for charging medium and heavy-duty trucks and buses while keeping total cost of ownership low.

Discover our majority shareholder

Founded in France in 2005, Voltalia has grown to become a world leader in low-carbon electricity production (photovoltaic, wind, hydro, biomass, etc.), with a presence in over 50 countries and sales of €495 million by 2023.


To become the market leader in fast charging for medium and heavy-duty vehicles.

We aspire to become the de facto market leader in fast-charging for medium and heave-duty vehicles. It’s our goal to deploy 500MW by 2027 and 1GW by 2030. We want to be known for the value-added services we bring to our customers, our commitment to excellence, our close relationships, and the superiority of our technologies and services.
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A team of Experts

To help our customers accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and optimize their performance, we have brought together a team of experts with very unique skills.
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Product Engineering

Advanced DC distribution systems 

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Software engineering

Services for optimizing energy and charging operations, integration with third-party systems 

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Project management

– Engineering
– Consulting
– Financing

Asset Management

Operations management and cost optimization 

To put our customers’ needs at the heart of our vision and provide them with the best solutions, we rely on recognized experts in freight and passenger transportation.

Chargepoly history

Our values

Customer satisfaction

We place a high priority on customer satisfaction. Our employees are encouraged to place customer needs and satisfaction at the heart of their activities.


We value a strong commitment to the energy transition among our employees, encouraging dedicated efforts to create sustainable solutions for the future of energy. 

Team spirit

We value open communication, cooperation and synergy between team members. A strong, well-coordinated team is essential to achieving Chargepoly’s goals.


We encourage our employees to adapt creative and innovative approaches to their work. This includes the constant search for new technologies, methods and solutions to stay at the forefront of the electric mobility industry.

Our Executive Team

Hadi Moussavi
Founder & CEO

Laurent Guyon

Thomas Vanquaethem

Thomas Vanquaethem's bio

I joined the Chargepoly adventure in early 2023 after meeting Hadi a year earlier. I was convinced that this company could contribute with concrete solutions to the decarbonization of the transport sector. This sector accounts for 15% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, around half of which are linked to freight and passenger transport fleets. It’s a huge source of motivation on a daily basis, but it’s also a collective adventure that drives me.

I’ve always been passionate about the energy and transport sectors, which play a central role in our lives, and so I focused on these themes during my academic career at the Ecole Polytechnique, then at IFP Energies Nouvelles and Ponts et Chaussées. I spent twelve years in the energy sector, working on a wide range of subjects, from infrastructure development to electricity markets, engineering and operations. In 2018, five years before I joined Chargepoly, I had the opportunity to set up a charging operator business (CPO) for a major energy company, at a time when the electric mobility sector was just starting to take off. In the space of three years, our team built up a network of over 1,500 charging points and invested heavily in the deployment of fast-charging stations. 

Chargepoly has developed and marketed highly advanced technologies for high-capacity battery recharging and intelligent energy distribution. One of the company’s key assets is its total technological mastery from vehicle to grid, making it ideally placed to develop high value-added services for truck fleets (V2G, grid flexibilities, etc.) and to integrate low-carbon power generation assets.

Hadi Moussavi's bio

In 2019, I founded Chargepoly with a clear vision: rather than simply distributing the available charging power among connected electric vehicles, I wanted to create a solution that optimized this distribution. The key idea was to enable vehicles to receive the power they really need, taking into account factors such as the urgency of charging, the current level of charge, and the specific characteristics of each vehicle.

This initiative emerged from the conviction that intelligent charging planning was crucial to support the development of ultra-fast charging stations, with a focus on meeting the specific needs of truck fleet managers, mobility professionals and large public charging hubs. 

My professional career can be summed up in three words: industrialist, polytechnician and polyglot. For 25 years, I worked for Air Liquide, a company where I accumulated a wealth of experience on a global scale. My time there enabled me to develop skills in the management of technological entities, as well as in finance and corporate strategy. 

Chargepoly’s solution stands out for its innovative design, development and operation of ultra-fast charging stations for electric vehicles, as well as the associated services. Innovation lies in our stations’ ability to respond specifically to the needs of truck fleet managers, mobility professionals and large public charging hubs. Our advanced technology offers efficient solutions tailored to the demands of the electric mobility market.

Laurent Guyon's bio

I joined Chargepoly in 2023 to set up the North American subsidiary. My encounter with Chargepoly goes back to my previous experience at Amazon, where I was captivated by their innovative technology, which won a prestigious award at CES 2022 in the vehicle & transport intelligence category. I was deeply impressed by the company’s excellence in this field, and by joining the Chargepoly team, I sought to contribute my skills in the development of innovative products and services. My commitment to sustainable development has also found an echo at Chargepoly, where innovation is synonymous with environmental responsibility. I’m proud to contribute to the worldwide reputation of Chargepoly and French expertise in the electric mobility sector.

Before becoming CEO of Chargepoly America Corp. my career was marked by a number of enriching experiences in the field of electric transportation. I had the privilege of making a significant contribution to sustainable development initiatives at Amazon, where I led the company’s green mobility programs. During my tenure, I played a key role in the successful introduction of the first electric semi-trailers on Amazon’s logistics network in Europe.

My commitment to the clean energy sector deepened at Air Liquide, where I was Director of New Energy Operations. My work focused in particular on the deployment of hydrogen recharging stations for heavy and light vehicles, contributing to the advancement of environmentally-friendly mobility solutions.

A significant part of my career has been dedicated to international responsibilities. I managed an equipment manufacturing unit in India, demonstrating my ability to manage teams in a global context. Taking the helm of Chargepoly America Corp. was the logical next step, where I can apply my international background, technical skills and experience in green mobility.

The Chargepoly solution stands out for its resolutely innovative character, bringing significant advantages in the field of electric vehicle charging, particularly for trucks.

The Chargepoly station offers exceptional flexibility, with several power levels available for each charge point. This approach makes it possible to meet the specific needs of each user. The key feature of the solution is therefore the ability to control power according to individual customer requirements. This ensures optimum use of energy resources, offering greater efficiency and customization for every scenario. The Chargepoly solution is also designed to evolve over time. It allows both an increase in power and the addition of new charge points. This future adaptability assures customers that their charging infrastructure will remain at the cutting edge of technology and able to keep pace with the rapidly evolving electric vehicle market. Despite its distribution capacity of up to 400 kW, Chargepoly’s solution maintains remarkably compact dimensions.


This feature is crucial for optimizing space, facilitating installation in complex environments while ensuring maximum performance. Finally, the reliability of the Chargepoly system is a fundamental pillar of its innovation. By ensuring constant power throughout the charging process, resisting climatic influences and being compatible with all vehicles on the market, especially heavy-duty vehicles, Chargepoly guarantees a reliable charging experience without compromise.

In short, Chargepoly’s solution sets the benchmark in the electric vehicle charging industry, integrating features that push back the limits of efficiency, flexibility and reliability.

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