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Our expertise helps you get the most out of your EV fleet.  

Transition to an electric fleet and lower your total cost of ownership

Logistics and transportation fleets are electrifying. Regardless of what’s driving the transition to zero emissions vehicles, there are first-mover advantages for those who lead the charge. We’re here to help you navigate the entire process from start to finish ensuring you get the most out of your charging infrastructure and EV investment.

The ideal charging solution for medium and heavy-duty vehicules

Ensure a successful transition
to electric

Choose a 100% tailored charging solution

Ensure custom integration into your site

Future-proof your charging infrastructure

Continuous Guaranteed Power

Our power modules deliver their rated power continuously for five hours, ensuring high-capacity battery charging with no de-rating.

OEM Compatibility

Trusted by leading OEMs to charge their trucks and provide the highest level of interoperability.

Complete Operational Control

Integrate EV route plans and ensure vehicles receive the charge they need when they need it.

Minimal space loss

A distributed architecture coupled with compact units makes our solution space efficient (wall-mounted, gantry, or ground-mounted options available).

Secure installation

Chargers come with cables up to 30 ft and ergonomic design for safe handling by drivers.

Specialized engineering

Project Management. We manage the entire project from start to finish and beyond, including planning, installation, and charging operations.

Infrastructure scalability

Chargepoly’s charging solution is easily scalable and prepared to interact with current and future standards.

Guaranteed interoperability

Our technologies are open and interoperable with any vehicle, equipment, or third-party system.

charging protocols

Customize access rules (reservation, access control, or self-service) and access modes (autocharge, RFID, etc.).

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Depots & Hubs



Truck parking


Seaports and

Get the lowest cost of ownership for
your electric fleet

Design your charging with intelligence

Optimize your energy expenses

Maintain your assets throughout their lifecycle

Cost-focused design

We model your CAPEX/OPEX by integrating power and energy constraints of your site to optimize your overall total cost of ownership.

Operational efficiency

Our ultra-fast stations minimize downtime and work in synergy with existing operations, thereby boosting your productivity.

Reselling opportunities

By easily opening charging to third parties you can benefit from new revenue streams.

Energy efficiency

With a station efficiency of 96% and a power factor >0.99, we ensure optimal utilization of every kWh.

Smart energy management

Our algorithms shift consumption to off-peak hours, reducing your energy costs.

Solar PV and Storage Solutions

Integrate solar panels and storage solutions to strengthen your energy independence

Product longevity

Our equipment is engineered to endure for a minimum of 15 years.

Robust design

Our equipment comes with the highest level mechanical protection, coupled with smart design, equipment is placed out of the way of collision risk

Battery health

Chargepoly monitors the health of EV batteries and can adjust charging to optimize lifetime and performance

icone borne de recharge

Deploy the ideal
charging infrastructure for your needs


TCO-Oriented Design

Our energy and transportation experts optimze the design of your infrastructure to keep total cost of ownership (TCO) low.

Managed deployment

We orchestrate your deployment and manage your projects until they are operational

Controlled operations

Our software platform integrates multiple data sources to optimize operations: route planning, peak/off-peak hours, power constraints. Comprehensive support and maintenance contract with a 99% availability commitment


Our pricing is competitive and we offer financing


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