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Fleet's ROI

Chargepoly provides design & planning guidance, charging infrastructure, and optimization services to EV fleet operators helping them to reduce total cost of ownership.

We tailor our
solutions to meet
individual customer needs

Light Commercial Vehicles / Carriers / Tractors

Chargepoly: The ideal charging solution
for medium and heavy-duty vehicles

icone borne recharge

and beyond with MCS

0 kW
of rated continuous power
0 %
energy efficiency
0 %
operational uptime guaranteed
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Our pricing is competitive and we offer financing

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Buses and


Chargepoly is well-suited for frequent charging of large fleets like buses and shuttles, whether at bus bays or depots.

Transport & logistics

At Chargepoly, we understand the unique challenge of electrifying freight transport in all its aspects, from project design to operation. That’s why we offer a range of charging solutions tailored to a variety of professional needs:



our experts

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