Chargepoly finalist of the INPI Award

Aix-en-Provence, 30 November 2022. CHARGEPOLY announces that the company is selected of the French Institute of Industrial Property as a finalist des 2022 INPI Awards, in the category « start-up ».

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An innovative technology for best adapted EV fast charging solution

The CHARGEPOLY multi EV fast charging station is designed to be the most attractive solution for users. A plurality of parking spaces are electrified with low-footprint fast charging points. Electric vehicles are intelligently and sequentially charged within dozens of minutes at high power from a centralized fast charging source. Charging slots are booked, planned and executed by an intelligent software.

Instead of sharing available power between connected vehicles, each car receives requested energy at high speed one after the other. So that priorities are fully managed. CHARGEPOLY stations are simple to use without buttons, screens etc. A dedicated application allows authentication and payment. The innovation is well adapted for large hubs, reduces costs and improves user experience.

The nomination of CHARGEPOLY as finalist recognized the high level of innovation and technological expertise of the start-up that protects its intellectual property for global growth.

INPI Awards recognize the most emblematic companies that have a strong intellectual property strategy. Protecting several year R&D works is mandatory to ensure the global expansion of CHARGEPOLY. « Intellectual property (IP) is a main element of our project and of our differentiation from competitors. The continuous support from INPI since the incorporation of the company, allowed us to plan our IP strategy. We have filed so far several patents in different countries. This nomination is the recognition of 3 years of R&D and industrial development by our engineers. We launched the commercialization of our products early 2022 within the fast-growing EV market » declared Hadi Moussavi, CEO & founder of CHARGEPOLY.

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