An innovative design

Optimized cost of infrastructure for a quicker payback

Modular solution as the needs grow

Dynamic planning of the charging sessions from mobility and grid data

Optimized electrical architecture

The DC source – hundreds of installed kW power - is centralized in several Power Units. Different charging channels supply fast power to the tens of User Units from the source. The mutualization of DC power allows higher utilization rate of the power electronics, and smaller footprint, up to less 50% in comparison with other conventional stations.

Reservation of the charging sessions

In a CHARGEPOLY station, vehicles plug upon arriving. They are charged at the right time defined by our planning algorithms. A specific algorithm is implemented for each use case and offers an optimal power distribution and a best user experience.

Load Planning

CHARGEPOLY’s smart charging consists in sequential planning of the charging sessions (Load Planning). It ensures an efficient ultra-fast charging service through a priority list.

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